Frank.jpg (18016 bytes)

Frank and his Dimona motor glider just got airborne.






al2.jpg (14233 bytes)


Alvin was about to start his flying session in a Cessna 172.






al.jpg (9412 bytes)Alvin was about to start a flying session for testing the Aviastar 50R/C at the old Hong Kong International ( Kai Tak ) Airport recently







ye2.jpg (9150 bytes)



S.J. was helping his student to prepare for a competition. Circa late1992.







al3.jpg (10965 bytes)





Alvin was triming a friend's heli.




150sea1a.jpg (23410 bytes)

             Our latest sea plane at Aviatronics

                    Wing span  :  2.4m

            Fuselage length : 1.7m

                           Weight : 8.5Kg

                           Power   : Aviastar Av-150



150sea4a.jpg (27166 bytes)


       Getting the plane onto the water







150sea5a.jpg (25570 bytes)


       Final check before taxing







150sea7a.jpg (19054 bytes)


      Take off roll




150sea8a.jpg (19527 bytes)






150sea10a.jpg (14864 bytes)



       Airbourne. Above the Pearl River




150sea11a.jpg (17043 bytes)


     On Final. With the New Pearl River Bridge on the background





150sea12a.jpg (18719 bytes)




        Just prior to touch down



150sea13a.jpg (19823 bytes)



         A successfull flight     





150sea14a.jpg (20412 bytes)



       Taxing back to base




The Aviatronics sea plane flights were made on August 2, 2000 over the Pearl River, Guang Zhou, China.

It was a rainy afternoon. Not a very good day for a maiden flight.



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