What are the ingredients of a performance engine ?

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Quality and right material




All Aviastar engines are logically designed .  Quality material are used throughout .  Latest automated machinery and skill craftsmanship for making all the parts.  Every parts are hand fitted to ensure the closest tolerance .

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e.g. the connecting rod in the Aviastar series uses the same aluminum alloy as the engine of this CJ-6. ( A Chinese primary trainer owned by one of Aviatronics' founders , Mr. Frank Cheung )


Specially developed "KK" bronze alloy is used for the con-rod bushing . A tough alloy to withstand high RPM.

The same steel alloy used in racing motor cycles has been used for our piston rings.

The cylinders of all Aviastar engines are made of Cr steel alloy with special heat treat process to ensure a hard and true cylinder which will not distrot under high operating temperature.  All cylinders are ground to the closest tolerance and manually honed to perfect roundness.

carb150.jpg (13180 bytes) Aviastar carburettors :

o-rings sealed all critical points to eliminate any possible air leakage

twin needles design with a right venturi to get the best balance between power and fuel consumption

instantaneous throttle response





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